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Meet Tippy



Hello and welcome to my health and wellness kitchen. Tippy’s juices and cupcakes including all my ingredients are freshly prepared and made for you personally by myself or a well trained qualified team member.

You will never find any unnatural or preservative ingredients in my juices or my baked products so you can be confident you are receiving the purest, highest quality, with incredible taste – guaranteed.

The Finest Products

My passion for clean, wholesome superior products, leads me to the source of the finest ingredients for you, my customers.

Two of my special ingredients are organic Ceylon Cinnamon, a extraordinary cinnamon imported from Sri Lanka, India and organic Hawaiian Turmeric, cultivated in the US island’s rich soil.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, its native land, is known as True Cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon is a much safer variety of cinnamon for enthusiasts to consume every day due to its ultra low coumarin levels, making it much easier for the liver to process. The variety I use is USDA certified organic and non GMO.

Hawaiian Turmeric

The Hawaiian Turmeric is something I love to add to juices.  It is sustainably grown and cultivated on a small Hawaiian coffee farm that does not use chemicals in their agricultural process, assuring a clean, lead free, top of the line product. This turmeric is also certified by the USDA as organic.

Ginger, Hawaiian turmeric and the other herbs that I use in my juicing have very well-known healing properties that have tremendous benefit to the body when used regularly.

The new cold pressed fresh juices nourish your whole system and provide you with essential vitamins, minerals, all with an incredible taste.

That’s my guarantee to you.


Our Beginnings..

Tippy’s kitchen was born in 1997 when Tippy traveled to London and discovered her love for clean, natural baking while attending University. She quickly found herself passionate and in love with the natural, organic baking processes. 

When she returned to the US, she worked in the bakery department for Wholefoods, which is known as one of the finest natural and organic foods companies in the world. 

After three successful years working for the company, she went on to manage several well-known organic and natural stores, such as Really Cool Foods, Dean and Deluca, Fairway, Balducci’s and Crumbs.

Now as the expert production baker for Tippy’s Cupcake Kitchen, Tippy has taken her passion to the next level and provides her customers with products made from wholesome, all natural ingredients, making their every bite delightful and satisfying, but also healthy. 

In 2022, Tippy has launched her new venture creating specialty juices, individually made in the slow pressed method. These juices further illustrate her commitment toward delivering the absolute finest quality to you, her customers.


Happy Customers